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Gavin Bramley (MD of Unique Wealth)

Gavin is a published author on financial wealth protection and creation. He has also featured as a speaker and contributor on various publications and small business forums. Gavin has been involved in the Financial Services Industry since 1983. A perpetual student, Gavin is continually adding qualifications to his name that he believes will be of benefit to himself and his clients. He obtained his B.Comm in 1987, the South African Certified Financial Planner qualification with distinction, the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and the professional designation of Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner in 2015. In 2011 he achieved the sought after designation of SMSF Specialist Adviser ™. Gavin is passionate about mentoring, coaching and assisting his clients and colleagues to bring about major changes in their financial literacy. Gavin is past WA committee member for the Association of Financial Planners.

Our philosophy

UNIQUE WEALTH PTY LTD provides high-quality financial advice to all our clients. To help us provide this high level of service, we take the time to get to know our clients. The first step is to understand your goals, aspirations and current financial situation. If you are seeking limited financial advice on a single issue, we’ll ask just as much as is necessary to be able to provide appropriate advice. However, if you want a detailed financial plan, we’ll conduct a more in-depth analysis of your financial goals, attitude to risk and present financial position – including your income, assets, investments and liabilities. Before undertaking any work, we will clearly explain the various steps involved in the financial planning process, as well as our fees and charges. We’ll also take the time to answer all your questions. If you are happy to proceed, we will then begin working on a plan for you. If part of our advice involves recommending certain products, we will set out in writing our reasons for suggesting those products so you can ensure you are happy with our recommendations before proceeding. We can also provide you with contact details for some of our existing clients (with their permission). You can speak with them to find out more about how we work and what their experience with us has been like.

The team Key Personnel

Our highly experienced team has 65 years of combined experience in financial planning. During this time, we’ve helped many people significantly improve their financial independence and security and to Build Better Lives. Get to know more about our team and how we can help you.

Financial Planners

Mr Gavin Bramley MD  Financial Services Guide   Our Privacy Policy


B.Com, CFP, Adv Dip FS (FP), FCh(FP), LIB(SA), SSA ™

Financial Services Guide (FSG) I conduct myself ethically and professionally in every aspect of my work and adhere strictly to the guidelines set out in the Financial Services Guide. This guide provides you with information about the advice that we provide, and the Licensee that we represent: Lombardini Allan Financial Group Pty Ltd. Its purpose is to educate you prior to us providing a financial service. You have the right to ask us about our charges, the type of advice we will give and to whom you can complain if you are unhappy. For further details click on the Financial Services Guide link.

This FSG is in Adobe™ Acrobat™ format. If you do not have Acrobat installed, you can download Acrobat by clicking on the icon to the right. Otherwise, click on the download link. Our Privacy Policy

Gavin's First Book on How money REALLY works!

Gavin’s First Book on How money REALLY works!

Gavin's second book on how to Network Effectively

Gavin’s second book on how to Network Effectively

Gavin's Third Book containing all the Important Facts around Property Investment

Gavin’s Third Book containing all the Important Facts around Property Investment


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Financial Services Guide



This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is issued by Lombardini Allan Financial Group Pty Ltd ABN 36 642 793 717 Australian Financial Services Licencee 525803 (LAFG).

This FSG is designed to assist you in determining whether to use any of the services offered by LAFG or its Authorised Representatives.

This FSG contains information about:

  • LAFG, who as the Licensee, is responsible for the financial services;
  • Your financial Adviser;
  • The financial services and products your Adviser can provide;
  • How LAFG, your Adviser and other related parties are paid for the financial planning services provided to you;
  • Any associations or relationships that could create potential conflicts of interest;
  • Details of who to contact should you have a complaint.

Authorised Representative Profile

This FSG must be read in conjunction with Part Two as it forms part of this FSG. It provides detailed information about your Adviser such as their contact details, referral sources and the types of financial products they can advise and deal in.

Please retain both Part One and Part Two for your reference and any future dealings with LAFG.

What other documents might you receive?

You might receive the following documents to help you make an informed decision on any financial strategy or recommended financial product.

Advice Documents

All personal advice provided to you will be outlined in a Statement of Advice (SOA), Record of advice (ROA) or other forms of documentation.

The SOA is used for initial advice and will contain the commissions and information on relevant associations.

Where further advice is provided to you that does not involve a significant change your Adviser may provide an ROA. Where there is a significant change you will be provided with an SOA.

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

You will receive a PDS if your Adviser has provided advice on a particular product. The PDS will contain the information you need in order to decide whether the financial product is appropriate for you.

Who is LAFG?

LAFG conducts business through a network of financial Advisers who are appointed as Authorised Representatives under LAFG’s AFSL.

Where LAFG has appointed a corporate entity as an Authorised Representative, representatives of that company who give advice will also be authorised by LAFG.

Who is your Adviser?

Your Adviser will be the authorised representative listed in Part Two of this FSG.

What kinds of financial services, products and advice are available to you?

LAFG can provide advice and strategies on the following, but not limited to:

  • Savings and wealth creation
  • Financial management
  • Investment
  • Superannuation
  • Pre Retirement
  • Retirement
  • Margin lending
  • Self managed superannuation funds
  • Financial protection and insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Centrelink
  • Salary packaging
  • Business succession
  • Finance and gearing

LAFG’s Advisers can offer a range of insurance, investment, superannuation and retirement strategies and products. Please refer to Part Two of this FSG for the services which your Adviser is authorised to provide.

LAFG supports your Adviser by providing access to financial product research conducted by external researchers. This helps your Adviser select products that will help you reach your financial goals.

LAFG’s Advisers act for you and not for any life insurance

company, fund manager or bank.

How will you pay for the services provided and what do they cost?

As the provider of professional services, your Adviser will charge for the advice and services they provide to you. Depending on the services you require, your Adviser may charge by a variety of methods. Below is a guide as to how fees and commissions may be charged. Specific information on your Adviser’s fees and charges can be found in Part Two of this FSG. All fees and charges will be disclosed in the SOA, ROA and/or PDS.

Your Adviser will discuss both the rate and method of payment with you before any financial services are provided, and will confirm any ongoing fees payable and the related services with you, each year.

Fee for Service

We may charge a fee for the provision of advice and/or implementation of recommendations. Depending on your circumstances and the complexity of the work involved, this fee may be a fixed dollar amount, a percentage rate based on the value of your proposed investment portfolio, an hourly rate for time spent providing the services, or a combination of these.


Commissions may be paid from a product provider to LAFG and are at no additional cost to you. Product providers may pay LAFG commission in association with the placement of the recommended products.

Generally the initial commission will be paid at the time you obtain the financial product with ongoing commissions paid during the life of the product.


If you are referred to a third party provider, the provider may pay your Adviser a referral payment. Likewise, if you have been referred to your Adviser, we may pay the referrer a fee. Details of the payment will be disclosed in your Statement of Advice. Referrer fees are at no additional cost to you.

Please refer to Part Two of this FSG for details on your

Adviser’s current referral arrangements.

How are LAFG and your Adviser paid?

Except for your investment funds and policy premium payments where these are paid directly to the product provider, all payments are payable to LAFG.

LAFG will retain between 0% and 10% of these payments and forward the balance to your Adviser. For example, if LAFG receives $100 in fees from a product provider LAFG will may retain $10 and forward $90 to your Adviser.

Your Adviser may also pay LAFG a fixed monthly administration fee for providing business support services, which is at no additional cost to you.

What other benefits may product providers give to LAFG or your Adviser?

Some product providers may give LAFG or your Adviser other benefits such as entertainment or sponsorship. Both LAFG and your Adviser maintain a Register in line with industry standards to document any benefits received.

You have the right to request for further information in relation to the remuneration, the range of amounts or rates of remuneration, and other benefits received by LAFG and/or your Adviser.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

All financial payments, commissions and fees are subject to GST.

Does LAFG have any relationships or associations with financial product issuers?

LAFG or its related entities may have affiliations with some of the investment and product providers that appear on LAFG’s Approved Product List (APL). Details of any affiliation relative to the advice you will be receiving from your Adviser will be disclosed in your SOA.

What information should you provide to receive personal advice?

You will need to complete a Client Questionnaire which will record your personal objectives, lifestyle goals, details of your current financial situation and any other relevant information. Your Adviser will usually assist you in completing this.

The information obtained will be assessed by your Adviser to assist them in providing appropriate advice.

You have the right to withhold personal information, but this may compromise the effectiveness of the advice you receive.

You should read any warnings contained in the client questionnaire and advice documents carefully before making any decision relating to a financial strategy or product.

As a financial service provider, we have an obligation under the Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Finance Act to verify your identity and the source of any funds. This means that we will ask you to present identification documents such as passports and driver’s licence. We will also retain copies of this information. We assure you that this information will be held securely. We cannot provide you with services if you are unwilling to provide this information.

LAFG and your Adviser are committed to complying with a privacy policy to protect the privacy and security of your personal information. Please ask your Adviser if you wish to obtain a copy of our privacy policy.

How can you give instructions to your Adviser about your financial products?

You may specify how you would like to give us instructions. For example you may nominate to instruct us to act by telephone, fax, e-mail or other.

Compensation arrangements

LAFG confirms that it has arrangements in place to ensure it continues to maintain Professional Indemnity insurance in accordance with s.912B of the Corporations Act 2001 (as amended).

In particular our Professional Indemnity insurance, subject to its terms and conditions, provides indemnity up to the sum insured for LAFG and our authorised representatives/representatives/employees in respect of our authorisations and obligations under our AFSL. This insurance will continue to provide such coverage for any authorised representative/representative/employee that has ceased work with LAFG for work done whilst engaged with us.

What should you do if you are not satisfied with our services?

If you have any complaints about the services provided, please take the following steps:

Contact your Adviser and tell them about your complaint.

If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved within 5 working days, please contact LAFG’s Compliance Manager by telephone or in writing. LAFG will try to resolve your complaint quickly and fairly.

If an issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can lodge a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, or AFCA. AFCA provides financial services complaint resolution that is free to consumers.

Website: www.afca.org.au Email: info@afca.org.au

Telephone: 1800 931 678 (free call)

In writing to: Australian Financial Complaints Authority, GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001

LAFG is a member of this Service.

Issued by:

Lombardini Allan Financial Group Pty Ltd

ABN 36 642 793 717 | AFSL 525803

Unit2, 29 Amesbury Loop, Butler WA 6036

PO Box 227 Quinns Rock WA 6030

Tel 08 6201 7992



Financial Services Guide (Part Two) v1.1

Unique Wealth Pty Ltd

This document is issued by Lombardini Allan Financial Group Pty Ltd ABN 36 642 793 717 AFSL 525803 (LAFG). It is Part Two of a Financial Services Guide (FSG) and should be read in conjunction with Part One.

Unique Wealth Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative of LAFG and has been given permission to provide you with this FSG Part Two.

Financial Services are provided to you by:

Corporate Authorised Representative Name

Unique Wealth Pty Ltd

Australian Company Number

129 610 662

Corporate Authorised Representative ASIC Number


Authorised Representative Name

Gavin Bramley

Authorised Representative ASIC Number


Business Address

Unit 2, 29 Amesbury Loop,

Butler WA 6036

Postal Address

PO Box 227

Quinns Rock WA 6030


08 6201 7992



Gavin Bramley

Gavin is an Authorised Representative of Unique Wealth Pty Ltd and is authorised to advise and deal in the following products:

  • Government Debentures, Stocks and Bonds
  • Life Insurance (Risk and Investment Products)
  • Retirement Savings Accounts and Superannuation
  • Deposit Products
  • Managed Investment Schemes
  • Securities
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Gavin is not authorised to advise and deal in relation to the following products:

  • Derivatives
  • Margin Lending
  • Managed Discretionary Accounts


LAFG receives all remuneration paid upon the provision of services by Gavin and under contract deducts a Licensee fee from the amounts received from Unique Wealth Pty Ltd and LAFG then forwards the residual remuneration onto Unique Wealth Pty Ltd. Unique Wealth Pty Ltd then pays Gavin a salary.

All fees and charges will be discussed and agreed with you prior to commencing any work.

Fee for Service

We charge fixed price fees for initial advice in the range of $500 and $1,300.

We charge fixed price fees for plan preparation in the range of

$1,100 and $2,500.

We charge fixed price fees for implementation in the range of

$1,250 and $6,200.

We also provide fixed price ongoing service packages from between $3,600 and $9,000 per annum.

We may charge an hourly rate for the advice we provide in the range of $280 and $500 per hour.

All fees are exclusive of GST.

You will be invoiced directly for these fees and may elect to pay LAFG directly or have these fees deducted from your investments.


Product providers may pay a commission directly to LAFG for some financial products.

Commission payments may be either initial or ongoing. Initial commissions are generally a once off payment made when new business is placed or additional contributions are made to a financial product. Ongoing commissions are paid whilst you hold the product.

Where possible we may agree to refuse to receive these commissions, rebate these commissions to your account, or use the commissions to offset some or all of your agreed fee for service.

Commission on Life Insurance Products

Initial commission may be up to 66% of the initial annual premium. Ongoing commission may be up to 50% of the ongoing annual premium.

Should you cancel an insurance contract within the first two years the Adviser reserves the right to invoice you an amount equal to the costs they have incurred as a result of the provision of financial services to you.

Commission on Investment Products from 1 July 2013

There is no commission payable on new investment products.

Ongoing commission for existing investment products at 30 June 2013 may be up to 5% of the account balance.

All commissions are exclusive of GST.

Referral arrangements

Gavin may have referral arrangements with selected referral partners.

Should you engage the services of any of his referral partners Gavin may obtain a benefit in the form of a fee, a commission or a combination of both.

If a referral arrangement applies to you, Gavin will provide you with further details on the benefits received.

© LAFGGroup Pty Ltd / FSG Part Two Version 1.1 / 26 November 2020 Page 1 of 1

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Lombardini Allan Financial Group Pty Ltd (“LAFG”) regards Privacy as a pertinent issue and understands that it is important for you to know how we handle your personal information.

Privacy Laws apply to how we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information. LAFG complies with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and the

associated Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) and is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information.

You can obtain further details of our obligations as an

organisation under Australia’s privacy laws from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (Commissioner) or by reference to the APPs and the

Commissioner’s associated guidelines at www.oaic.gov.au.

The following Privacy Policy has been published to provide you with an outline of the following:

  • The types of personal information that we collect and keep on record;
  • Why we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information;
  • How we collect your personal information;
  • How you may access your personal information and correct it if necessary;
  • How to raise your concerns to us in relation to our handling of your personal information; and
  • If we are likely to disclose your personal information to overseas recipients.

Types of personal information that we collect, use and hold

There are two types of personal information that LAFG may collect, use and hold:

  • Personal information – this is any information or opinion about you, whether the information or opinion is true or otherwise, and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or otherwise. Usually, this is the information that identifies you, such as your name, address, contact details, gender information, occupation details and any other information that can identify you.
  • Sensitive information – this is usually information about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions or membership, religious or philosophical beliefs, criminal record, health or genetic information.

Why we collect your personal information

LAFG collects and holds personal and sensitive information for the purposes of establishing and building a financial services, or credit services relationship with you. For example:

  • In relation to financial services, LAFG will require your personal information to provide suitable financial advice; or
  • In relation to credit services, LAFG will require your personal information to assist you in obtaining a loan.

In some cases, we provide personal information to our contractors, who provide us with services to assist us with conducting our business.

You do not have to provide to LAFG any of your personal information; however, if you choose not to provide the information or if you provide incomplete or inaccurate information, we may not be able to provide the services you are seeking.

How we collect your personal information

Personal information about you is generally collected directly from you, unless you have consented to us obtaining information from a third party, such as your accountant, spouse or superannuation fund.

However, there may be circumstances where it is not practical or reasonable for us to obtain your consent before collecting your personal information from a third party. For example, if you are nominated as a beneficiary of a life or superannuation policy or your information is obtained through publicly available information services, such as social media or telephone directory, LAFG will not obtain consent from you prior to collecting your information.

When you visit LAFG’s or any of our representatives’ web site we may collect information of a statistical nature such as the pages you viewed or the time online. This information is collected using cookies. Cookies do not identify individual users although they do identify a user’s browser type and Internet Service Provider. You can

configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject or notify when a cookie is sent. Please refer to your browser instructions for more details.

Where we collect information from you about another individual, such as your nominated beneficiary, it is important that you advise them of the disclosure and their Privacy rights.

Disclosure of your personal information

Generally, your consent is obtained before we disclose your personal information to a third party. Your consent can be in writing, by telephone, or implied by your conduct.

Depending on the type of service or product provided to you we may need to disclose your personal information to:

  • Investment Managers, Insurance Companies or Financial Institutions;
  • A third party acting on your behalf e.g. your nominated financial adviser, accountant, settlement agent, land seller or builder;
  • External service providers that provide services to us or our representatives e.g. mailing houses, software suppliers and stationers.

In some instances, we may be required to disclose your personal information to external services providers who are

located overseas, for example, United States of America.

In some circumstances however we may be required by Law to disclose your personal information.

It may also be necessary to disclose your personal information to a party acquiring an interest or shareholding in LAFG’s or any of our representatives’ business.

Access to personal information

You can request us at any time to provide you with access to the personal information we hold about you. Under some circumstances we may not be required to provide access to you and in such cases a written explanation will be given to you.

Access to your information will be provided on receipt of a written request and will generally be processed within 21 days. More time may be required for more complex requests. Your written request should be forwarded to our Privacy Officer at the address provided on this document.

There is no fee for requesting access to your information; however, we may charge you the reasonable costs of processing your request.

Personal information quality

We try to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. To assist us with this please keep us advised of any of your personal details which may have altered.

Further, if you believe that the information we have about you is not accurate, complete or up-to-date, please contact us and we will use all reasonable efforts to correct the information. If we disagree as to the accuracy of the requested correction we will make an appropriate notation in your records that you claim the information we hold is not accurate, complete or up-to-date.

Personal information security

We take all reasonable administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, alteration or disclosure.

Your personal information may be stored on business servers or Cloud Storage, which can be located overseas.

Secure methods are used to destroy or de-identify any personal information, provided the information is no longer needed for any purpose and it is permissible by the law to do so.

Marketing and promotional material

We acknowledge and respect your right to choose to opt- out of receiving information about products and services supplied by us, or by others, which we think may be of interest to you.

Should you decide not to receive marketing or promotional material from us you can opt-out at any time by advising us in writing or contacting us by telephone.

Privacy policies of other parties

Many of the product and service providers you may deal with through your relationship with LAFG will also have Privacy Policies concerning the manner in which they collect, hold, use or disclose personal information. These Policies can generally be accessed via the provider’s web site or will be made available to you upon request to them.

Changes to this statement

LAFG may make changes to our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will publish those changes on our web site www.uniquewealth.com.au.

Contacting us about privacy

If you would like further information regarding our Privacy Policy, or if you think we have breached any aspect of this Privacy Statement, please contact our Privacy Officer, by:

Telephone: 08 6201 7992 between 9.00am and 5.00pm (WA time) Monday to Friday

Email: compliance@uniquewealth.com.au Post: PO Box 227, Quinns Rock, WA 6030

Issued by

Lombardini Allan Financial Group Pty Ltd

ABN 36 642 793 717 | AFSL 525803.

Unit 2, 29 Amesbury Loop, Butler WA 6036

PO Box 227, Quinns Rock, WA 6027

T: 08 6201 7992