Our Services

Although we might generically be called a Financial Planning company who employs Financial Advisers our services  can be far ranging. The expected suite of products and advice around managing everyday health risks such as:

  • Dying too soon (known as Term Life Insurance)
  • Suffering a potentially life altering and debilitating disease such as a stroke, cancer or heart condition (known as Trauma)
  • Being unable to ever work again in your chosen field or similar field of work (known as Total and Permanent Disability)
  • Being unable to work temporarily due to an accident, injury or illness (known as Income Replacement)

But we do much more than this. We can provide financial literacy through coaching you through the various objectives and financial strategies that you could embrace to help you Build A Better Life . Our Financial Coaching for personal and Business clients is highly regarded as we empower you by providing you with the guidance and the skills to ultimately work independently of us. As an SMSF Accredited Specialist Adviser you know that we are on top of our game and that we will consistently provide you with ideas and strategies at the 'cutting-edge' of the advice industry.

Behavioural Finance

Behavioural Finance

One of the most important and often ignored skills we have as financial advisers is to be able to understand some of the 'Flight, Fight and Freeze' reactions clients may have to events in the market. This deals with a more recent innovation in science called 'Behavioural Finance" and considers why we sometimes make really strange decisions (based on fear and greed)that hurt our investment portfolios. As professional advisers it is important for us to recognise when these factors are at play and may influence you as an investor and as our client to follow a course of action detrimental to yourself.



And of course there is the problem most of us would prefer to have, which is :

  • living too long, (may often be referred to as retirement planning)
  • planning to distribute your estate and non-estate assets (also known as Estate planning and may involve drafting a Will or Powers of Attorney)

But if this is going to be our 'lot' then it is critical that we don't also outlive our money. Again, as advisers with over 60 years of combined experience, we can guide you to make quality decisions that will enhance your situation and help you to Build A Better Life.

We are often called on to be councillors to assist clients where a loved one has passed away or is terminally ill, sometimes dealing with marital break ups and what happens with the finances, but most of all we like to be a SOUNDING BOARD for our clients to bounce ideas off. After all, no financial adviser can make a client rich, the client needs to be engaged and must ultimately grow with the process.